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Ukens engelske sitater 03.10.2011, kl. 13:04

- There are people who are not meant to fit in you're live, no matter how much you want them to

- She will chase you for a while; but one day she will stop running in circles around you and at that moment you are going to wish you had let her catch you.

- Every girl should have their own Bruno Mars

- You were a mistake i knew i was making

- If someone ask me who i want to be with, i would simply say; someonw who can understand I'm not perfect

- Be the type uf guy you would want your daughter yo be with

- Music starts with Do-RE-ME, numbers starts with ONE-TWO-THREE and true love starts with YOU&ME

- Du tok, du fikk, du ga faen og gikk

- Make them wonder why you are still smiling

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03.10.2011 kl.14:23

elsker sånne sitater!!<3
Malin Baade Løken


Hei og velkommen til min blogg! Jeg heter Malin og er 20 år. Studerer Markedsføringsledelse ved BI Bergen. Her kan du lese om min hverdag og alt annet som interessere meg. Jeg kan kontaktes på mail; malinbaade@live.no

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